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The companies use clever tricks

The companies use clever tricks to get customers to buy their products with special offers and limited edition items. Many brands charge high prices that celebrities and high earners can only afford but there are some people who don’t care what the price is the higher the better in some sense, buying an item just because of the name on the item, getting them in debt with the use of credit cards. These companies are able to return premium profits for themselves at the cost of the customers. With the ever changing fashion circle you can buy one item of clothing and its out already, it continuously changes from country to country, climate to climate and date to date. Fashion from the 70’s has recently been in fashion again in the last year so it’s amazing how fashions do come back. I had an item of clothing my mum said she wore when she was around my age too, so it proves fashion is an ever changing circle. Indian fashion is as diverse as the culture and tradition of the country. The fashion industry is constantly changing in fashion styles and trends. Fashion is an age old concept in India and with the changing generations many styles and trends have come up and disappear. The most important thing about fashion trends in India is that even though trends and styles disappear with time but they don’t get extinct. The old traditional styles and trends in fashion disappear for one generation and flourishes again after few generations. Indian fashion was earlier restricted to various styles of sari and suits. The mid century witnessed some kind of variations in fashion styles. The present generation is characterized by trendy indo-western styles that are the right mix of modernity and tradition.

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